King's Kids

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King's Kids seeks to nurture the gifting and abilities that God has placed in each young person.  Whether they fit into Gems (0-2yrs), heroes (2-6yrs), Champions (6-11yrs) or The Rock (11-16 yrs), we want to expose them to the Kingdom of God.  Through craft, music, games and discussion, we want to provide an age-relevent environment that encourages their growth in Jesus.

Our vision for King’s Kids has three parts.

1.       To provide an environment and opportunity for every child to experience, express, strengthen and outwork a faith of their own in a fun, life giving environment.

2.       For children to know their identity in Christ, be encouraged in their giftings and prayer life.

3.       To be involved in the wider body of the Church and not be limited because of their age.

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