A Christ Centred Church, Reaching Out to All,
Empowering People for Life.


The Church I See 

I am seeing that we could be a church that can make a difference to the Wirral and beyond.

I am seeing that we could become a church relevant to our time and surrounding culture.

I am seeing that we could be instrumental in ministering to the needs of a failing society.

I am seeing that we could be a channel of God’s saving grace to a people currently destined to a lost eternity.

I am a seeing a church that really know what it is to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

A church dynamically worshipping the God they would die for.  Worshipping God like it was their last chance on earth - every time they come together.

A church that knows how to love as God loves, unconditionally, without preference, without prejudice, without self-promotion.

A church that actions out love to one another, who know how to forgive, who don’t harbour bitterness, and refuse offence.

I am seeing that every member of this body could find a place, a function and a purpose who know why they are on earth and what they are to accomplish.

A people not paralysed by fear but driven by love.

A people no longer content to stay in the boat, a comfort zone, a habit, a wrong pattern of thinking, but stepping out into an adventure of faith, having the mind of Christ, walking by faith, not by sight.

Leaving behind the sin, the weights, those things that hold us back that make us prisoners of our past

I am seeing the church of Jesus Christ hungry for his word and thirsty for the Holy Spirit

Colin Orr
Feb 2005