Colin  Liz Orr
Colin and Liz Orr   

Colin and Liz have been members of the church since it began in 1981 and since 2005 have been the Senior Pastors. Colin is a passionate believer and communicator of God’s heart and together with Liz they are building the church to be a family where anyone can belong.

Liz is also part of the Office Administration Team and Parents and Toddlers Team. Married in 1983, they have two daughters, Nicola and Steph.

Ben  Steph Watts

Ben and Steph Watts 

Ben and Steph have been part of the Church since 2014 having moved to the Wirral.  They have a passion for understanding and teaching God’s word.  They believe in the responsibility of the Church to see the Kingdom of God come to earth, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Ben and Steph lead the youth and children’s work and they both serve in the church on the coffee team, welcome team and babies.  They believe in the power of discipleship to grow and develop the hearts of God’s people.

They have been married since 2011.

Ian  Wendy Roberts

Ian and Wendy Roberts

Ian and Wendy have been part of King’s Church since 1990. 

Ian’s heart for worship is an ongoing passion along with seeing the Church inspired through God’s word.

Wendy loves to encourage women on their journey with God, which led her to initiate the Splendour women’s conference as well as leading life application Bible study groups.  They have three adult children and three grandchildren.